Blossom Dolls Boutique is an online clothing store, Located in Los Angeles, California that opened on July 23rd 2021 by the CEO Lesley. Before opening up our online store, I (CEO) was working a total of 3 different jobs in the year of 2019 knowing 2 jobs were seasonal and the main one was about to officially close, I (CEO) had to make a plan on what to do or where to work at next, surprisingly the idea of owning a business or just being a businesswoman came across my mind. The journey of planning started in the year of 2020, searching on Youtube, Google, and also learning from an online store I was working for at the time. I wanted to not only build any online boutique, fashion store, but an online store where you can embrace the elegance of your beauty! Blossom into confidence! Embrace loving yourself. Sometimes we need a little bit of some makeup and that cute outfit you think you don’t look good in but who said you need to wear it out? As long as you feel confident in the comfort of your bedroom wear that outfit! Blossom Dolls Boutique is all about women feeling beautiful and being confident, and we make sure we bring you that with each item and acknowledgment to our audience. We welcome you to check out our online store and join this amazing community full of woman who are all about embracing the elegance of their beauty.

Quick explanation on how the name started and logo idea.

Once I knew what I wanted the boutique to represent I knew I had to incorporate “Dolls” to me it means someone who is confident. Now I needed to find something that represented confidence, growth and feeling beautiful and that’s where “Blossom” was added. With the logo I always saw butterflies and flowers to represent new beginnings, growth and confidence.

Our Motto: